1872 - The church began as Bethel Baptist Church; it was built two miles south of the present church at NW 54th and Landon Road, on land donated by Jim Priddy.

1907 - Bethel Baptist Church was destroyed by fire as a result of a lightning strike.

1907-1916 - Sunday School was held in either the Pence or Priddy schoolhouses.

Spring 1916 - Work began to build Bethel Chapel at the present location on 1.5 acres donated by W.T. Pence with the stipulation to prohibit "dancing and wild parties" in the building.

Fall 1916 - A Thanksgiving oyster supper was held to celebrate the completion of Bethel Chapel at a total cost of $1,783.40, along with a tremendous amount of donated labor and materials.

1945 - The Chapel was wired for electricity as a result of the R.E.A. (Rural Electrication Administration) coming to the area.

1956 - An oil furnace was installed. The Chapel had previously been heated by wood; then coal.

1961 - Bethel Chapel was incorporated as Bethel Community Church.

1966 - The Dunnington family donated the remains of a tornado-damaged home, resulting in an expanded basement with the first indoor toilets, an enlarged kitchen and two new classrooms on the east side of the church.

1983 & 1990 - Memorial money provided a stained glass window in the foyer and colored glass overlay on windows in the sanctuary.

1996 - Air conditioning was installed as a result of a man, who did not attend Bethel, remembering the church in his will because he had enjoyed the fall church suppers so much.

2006 - Ground was broken for the fellowship hall addition on land donated by Bernard and Patricia Schwermann on the south and east of the existing church yard. This addition was completed without debt, the same as all previous work.